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Brigadier General Steven B. McLaughlin took command of the 100th on 2 November 2019 in a ceremony on Brooks Field, Fort Knox. He has been a soldier for 25 years, after commissioning in 1994 in the Transportation Corps (TC).

He first served on active duty in TC units in Germany, deployed in 1995 in support of Operation Joint Endeavor (NATO’s mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina), and in 1997 in Operation Joint Forge (NATO’s stabilization force in Bosnia-Herzegovina) deploying to Hungary as Base Camp Mayor and Commander, HHD, 28th TC Battalion (Forward).

After leaving active duty in 1998, BG McLaughlin served in USAR TC units in California as company commander 481st Transportation Terminal and battalion S2/3 of 483rd Transportation Battalion. In 2004, he deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and served as battalion S2/S3, acting battalion commander and battalion executive officer of the 483rd Transportation Battalion.

In 2009, he served as a staff officer in the 63rd Regional Support Command and then commanded the 483rd Transportation Battalion to 2012. He then mobilized with the 311th Expeditionary Sustainment, Rear Detachment as the G3 and later served as Assistant Chief of Staff, G3/5/7.

In 2015, BG McLaughlin commanded the 1394th Transportation Brigade, Camp Pendleton, CA. He was later assigned as an IMA with Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Scott AFB, IL. In 2018, he became G3/5/7 of the 63rd RD in Mountain View, CA, and later Chief of Staff.

BG McLaughlin’s many awards include The Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3OLC), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and Service Medal, NATO medal, Army Superior Unit Award and the German Army Truppindienst (Bronze). He is a recipient of the TC Corps Regiment Order of St. Christopher Medal.

BG McLaughlin completed US Army Transportation Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, Combined Armed Service and Staff School, Army War College, Joint Combined Warfighter School, Bn/Bde Pre Command Course and the Anti-Terrorism Officer Course, among other schools.

He holds a BS degree in History from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. He is married to the former Heather Custino and they have two children, Ryan (age 16) and Charlotte (14). They reside in Burlingame, CA.


Change of Command


100th Division Change of Command on 2 Nov 2019 on Brooks Field, Ft. Knox, KY.


New Command Team


New Command Team for the 100th Division (LD)

Left to Right:  CSM Gregory Betty, 100th Division CSM

   BG Steven B. McLaughlin, New CG of the 100th Division

   MG (Ret) Bill Barron, Past Commanding General of the 100th Division and Chairman of the AOC Board


2020 Corridor of the Century Inductees

The Association of the Century is pleased to announce that the following individuals were inducted into the 100th Division’s Corridor of the Century.


Inductee 124 is LTC Karl N. Truman.  Karl began his service in the 100th Division in 1981 as an SMP Cadet while enrolled in Army ROTC at the University of Kentucky and served with 3rd Brigade HQ.  Upon commissioning as 2LT, he was assigned to 2-302 in Georgetown KY.  LTC Truman served with Task Force 100, as HHC Commander, served as a CAS3 Instructor, and as Deputy Chief of Staff for the 100th Division, and retired in 2009 with 28 years of service.  LTC Truman is a Life Member of the AOC and a Life Member of the ROA.  He is also a contributing member of the Franklin Club, and a contributing sponsor of the Century Sentinel Newsletter.


Inductee 125 is CSM Teresa Belles Bolton.  CSM Bolton enlisted in 1986 and completed Basic Training at Ft. Jackson SC.   She served in Division HHC admin positions and Retention positions.  CSM Bolton completed Drill Sergeant School and served as Drill Sergeant and Senior Drill Sergeant with the 100th Reception Battalion.  She was the first female Army Reserve and TRADOC Drill Sergeant of the Year in 1997.  CSM Bolton completed her service with the 100th Division as CSM, 97th ILE Brigade in Ft Sheridan IL, and retired in 2015 with 29 years of service.  CSM Bolton is a Life Member of the AOC.


Inductee 126 is MSG George W. Bohannon.  MSG Bohannon enlisted in 1970 and served many positions in the Frankfort and Georgetown units.  He completed Drill Sergeant School in 1973, serving as Drill Sergeant and Senior Drill Sergeant with 1-302d in Frankfort.  In 1976, he was assigned as a Recruiter with US Army Recruiting Command, returning in 1980 as Senior Drill Sergeant with 1-302 in Frankfort.  MSG Bohannon also served as a Military Technician with 302d CAV, 3rd Brigade.  His final assignment with the 100th Division was as Operations Sergeant, 3rd Brigade.  MSG Bohannon concluded his military career with the Regional Support Group. Inspector General at the 300th Military Police Command in Detroit MI, retiring in 1998 with 28 years of service.  MSG Bohannon is a Life Member of the AOC,  and continues to serve as Historian for 1-302 in Frankfort.    


The General's 'Franklin Club' Challenge

as of: 10 November 2020

The General’s “Franklin Club Challenge” has raised $19,832 from 129 participants; $11,927 has been designated to the Scholarship Fund; $2,139 to the SOS Fund, $1,216 to the Museum Fund and $4,550 has been designated unrestricted. The 129 participants are:

IN MEMORIAM:                COL Byron Crawford                       by:  Anonymous

Larry D. Abel
William D. Adams
Maurice Allgeier
Sammy Alvey
Gabriel T. Arnold($300) Deborah A. Ashley
John Aubrey($450)
Paul Baker
Newton R. Bardwell III
Robert Barnes
Bill Barron($200)
David Belcher
Byron Bell
Michael A. Bennett
Gregory Bethards
Richard Blain($250)
Francis Bland
Joe B. Brown
Joe E. Brown($200)
William Brown
Linda Bruin
John K. Butler
George H. Campbell, Jr.
Ben W. Carr, Jr($250) Richard D. Chegar($200) Thomas Clay
M. Courtland Clayton($500) Robert Cobb
Larry Craig($200)
Thomas Davis
James D. Davidson
John M. Davidson
James H. Dearing
Janie Diamond
Arvil Dobson
Roy D. Dodson
Roy Downey
Douglas G. Draper($400) Tilman Drury
Brian Duffy
J. Henry Duncan
Odis Embry

David Evans($300)
Pete Evans
James Fallin
W. Dan Farris
Peter Fast
James Fleenor
Lindsey Freeman
Scott Garrett
Charles E. Gorton($200) Flem Gordon
Joseph Hamilton, III
Philip L. Hanrahan
Joel Hardin
Dr. Roland C. Haun($300) Larry Herzog($200)
Leo Hill
Donald C. Hines
Carl A. Hulsewede III($200) Gregory J. Hunt($250) George H. Imorde, Jr.
Ronnie Jervis
Horace Johnson
James C. Johnson
Hobert Judd
David Jungquist($400)
Ken Kapp($250)
Allen Kessler
James E. Kutzner($200)
Ray Lackey($500)
Joe Lamkin
Kathleen Lee
Benjamin Livingston
Mike Lyall
Michael Mannarino
J.D. Maples Jr.
Clarence Martin Jr($300) Elmo Martin ($200)
A. George Mason, Jr($250) Bobbie Maybrier
Charlie McBride
Michael McCorkle
Francis ‘Mac’ McDermott

Gerald C. McKinney($150) Keith McWhorter
Ned McWhorter
Mit Merritt
Richard Dale Miller
Ronald Moss
Benjamin F. Murphy
Monte Nesmith
Bob Noble
Cyndy Noble
Milton Nugent
Larry Pierson
Carl Platt($250)
Albert Pomey
Jack R. Reeves($250)
Ramon Rodgers
Richard Rowe
James Glenn Russell
Robert Silverthorn
Bob G. Simmons
Charles B. Skaggs
Earl Sosby Jr.
James Starr($450)
James Stevens($200)
Dale Stewart
David Sullivan
Harry M. Summerville($200) John Swarts
Ernest Taylor
Durward C. Thomas
Steve Thompson
Travis W. Tichenor III
John Tindall($250)
Karl Truman
Tony Warren
Cleland White
Norm Williams($125)
Luther W. Willis
Chappell R. Wilson
Marvin H. Wilson($200) Bernis Woodward
Ben Zimmerman

What is The General's Frankling Club challenge? Click here to find out.

Updated:11 November 2020

Gifts in Memoriam:

Name: COL Byron Crawford -- By: Anonymous
Name: MG David L Evans ($500) -- By: Patricia S. Evans
Name: MG Roy C. Gray, Jr ($397) -- By: Roy Gray, III
Name: COL Anthony E. Martin ($500) -- By: Elmo Martin


2020 AOC and Community Foundation of Louisville Scholarships


The Association of the Century in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Louisville has selected the following individuals to receive a $1,000.00 scholarship in 2020.  Congratulations to each of these outstanding young men and women listed below in alphabetical order:


Mary Begley -Daughter of MSG Ken Begley- Mechanical Engineering/Chemistry major - Western Kentucky University
Erin Carter – Granddaughter of COL Frank Bland – Data analysis/Astrophysics major – Worchester Polytech Institute
Natalie Coon – Granddaughter MSG Ed Cecil – Nuclear Engineering major – North Carolina State University
Mary Hemingway – Granddaughter MSG Ed Cecil – Psychology major – University of Kentucky
Embry Imorde – Granddaughter COL George Imorde – Exercise Science major – University of Louisville
Marisa Lee – Daughter SFM Jeff Lee – Math/Statistics major – California Polytech State University
Shaun Sample – Son COL Danny Sample – Business major – The Citadel
Caitlyn Shelton – Granddaughter LTC Ron Moss – Accounting major – Murray State University
Jessica Shelton – Granddaughter LTC Ron Moss – Elementary Education major – Murray State University
Elizabeth Tipton – Granddaughter LTC Harold Moore – Astrophysics/Computer Science major - Morehead State University
Erin Ward – Daughter SGT Jonathon Ward – Oncology Nursing major – Brigham Young University